Via Guglielmo Marconi,32 

32043 Cortina D'Ampezzo Belluno 

+39 0436 5755 | +39 335 5715950 



P.I. 00857740252

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 Car and van rental provider in  Cortina D'Ampezzo

Drive the Dolomites! is Multiservice Cortina's driverless car rental service in Cortina D'Ampezzo.

We provide rental cars and vans through our partnership with Autovia, a leading Italian company that offers over 70 pickup and return locations throughout Italy.

We will prepare your car rental contract in advance, so you can avoid wasting time at the airport or station.


At Multiservice Cortina, you can select the car or van rental service that best suits your needs:

  • short term - perfect for those who wish to visit the entire Dolomite region or for second-home owners who reach Cortina by train or bus and need a vehicle to get around during their holiday;

  • multi-month rental - designed for companies that aim to obtain immediate cost savings by taking advantage of car and van rentals while being free to choose the rental duration according to their workload;

  • courtesy car - a car or van rental system dedicated to auto repair shops that wish to provide an additional service to their customers.


Autovia also offers a competitive van rental service at their Mestre agency. This service is available to both companies and private citizen.

Thanks to Autovia's extensive fleet of vehicles, you will be able to choose from a wide range of options, carrying up to 1.5 tons of weight.

For more information about our rentals, feel free to contact us with no obligation!

In addition to our vans, you will be able to rent a wide range of work vehicles, such as open body trucks and cherry pickers, to allow you to work safely and comfortably.

Whether you need to move to another city in Italy, transport goods, or make a delivery, Autovia's car and van rental is the answer to your needs.


Fill out contact form to request a quote for car or van rentals

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